Glass And Facade Cleaning

The external appearance of the building is the first contact of your business with the public. The cleaning of glass and building surfaces, however, is not only a matter of aesthetics and impression, but also a matter of health for the working force. Furthermore, the removal of pollutants contributes to better maintenance of the building, as it ensures a longer life of the structural materials.

One of the competent and specialized departments of COWA HELLAS S.A. is the window and building surfaces cleaning team.

Services Provided:

  • Window & Glass Facade Cleaning
  • Cleaning of all types of lining materials for facades (marble revetments, etalbond panels, etc.)
  • Graffiti Removal & Surface Protection (graffiti removal and anti-graffiti protection)
  • Cleaning of Signs / Signboards


Our experienced staff is equipped with technologically advanced cleaning machines & professional cleaning materials:

  • Truck Mounted Crane / Arial Work Platforms
  • High Pressure Equipment, Hydroblasting & Wet Sandblasting / Steam Cleaners
  • Deionized Water Washing System Trailer
  • Specialized Cleaning & Desalination materials


  • We also undertake the maintenance cleaning of your building at the intervals you choose.
  • We ensure high standards of cleanliness with the most competitive market prices.