Mechanical & Technical Equipment

COWA HELLAS’s equipment meets the most demanding needs of customers in respect to its effectiveness, productivity and quality. COWA owns high tech professional machinery which is selected after detailed market research in order to guarantee effective operation in any working condition. A major part of the equipment consists of:

  • Truck Mounted Cranes / Arial Work Platforms
  • Scrubber Dryer Machines (walk behind)
  • Scrubber Dryer (ride on)
  • Single Disc Machines
  • Industrial Suction Cleaners for dust and liquid
  • High Pressure Equipment Washers (Hydroblasting & Wet Sandblasting)
  • Electric Power Generators
  • Professional Vacuum Cleaners with multiple filters
  • High – pressure Lift Machines
  • Steam Cleaners
  • Deionized Water Washing System Trailer
  • Escalator Cleaning Machines


Our fleet consists of professional vans and cars of latest technology for the transfer of materials and mechanical equipment as well as our personnel.

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